About Us

Welcome to Donate Blood Now

Donatebloodnow.org is a non-profit that began as a blood donation enlightenment campaign. Today we partner with 23 centers across New York where we receive, test, process, and distribute blood to hospitals where they are needed. We serve hospitals in the New York Penn area. However, we extend our reach to other parts of the country if an urgent need arises.

Our team or doctors, health workers, and other volunteers are passionate about our goal of educating and reorienting members of our community on blood and blood donation. We also ensure proper handling and distribution of blood to patients. Our volunteers and partners donate time, money, and blood to help individuals in need.

Our foray into research has also seen us make useful contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge especially in areas of stem cell research. We welcome contributions from interested donors, volunteers, and researchers in our quest to make our communities and the world at large a better place.