How does Donating Blood Help Welders?

Blood donation is a very important step that nearly all people should do because it benefits both parties. Many people will always think of the negative side effects which they think are associated with blood donation. Contrary to their perspectives, donating blood is very essential for the health of the donor. However, most of those individuals who see blood donation as a disadvantageous act cannot be blamed simply because they have not been informed of its benefits. It is therefore very important for blood donation awareness including its benefits to be done properly.

Welders are some of the people who are the most likely beneficiaries of blood donation in a number of ways. This can be attributed to the fact that most of their work exposes them to radiations over long working hours. So if you are a welder who is probably asking him or herself about how does blood donation helps welders? then stay put and get informed on the benefits of blood donation.

First and foremost, long hours of exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause skin cancer. Generally, cancer is a very deadly disease once it gets into the body and in many occasions, it can never be treated completely. Doctors always try to reduce the side effects and the spread of the disease but not cure it Many people. Especially the welders, have been diagnosed with cancer. Blood donation plays a very fundamental role in fighting cancer. Blood donation usually removes the excess blood from the body system. Most cancerous cells are usually stored and carried by this blood. The removed blood will thereafter be screened before others can get a chance of using them. Additionally, most welders use the miller welding helmet batteries for their safety. Such helmets also release some radiation that can cause cancer. If welders can donate their blood as long as they follow the doctor’s advice, then they will be doing a great service themselves by preventing cancer Secondly, most welders work for long hours before they can accomplish a single task. A number of statistics have shown that most welders are involved in hectic types of jobs which results in a heart attack. Blood donation reduces the risk of such individuals suffering from heart-related diseases. Blood donation reduces the viscosity of the blood and helps in reducing high iron levels in the blood which are the common causes of heart diseases.

Furthermore, welding is a job that requires absolute dedication and determination. For a welder to gain the strength of working harder, then they must be in good health. Blood donation relieves the body of contaminated blood and permits it to produce new and healthy blood. The body will always be active in the blood is free from infections.

Nevertheless, many welders are always engaged and busy during working days and therefore most of them will not get a chance of going for medical checkups. However, it is without a doubt that blood donation programmes are usually organised and made available to everyone regardless of whether they are on work or not Blood donation usually offers such individuals with free medical checkup services. Welders will be able to know if;

  • Their body temperatures are normal.
  • Their heartbeat rate is standard.
  • Their blood pressure needs some attention.
  • The level of haemoglobin is okay.

Knowing such information will enable welders to know if they are healthy and if not then they can organise and go for treatments.