How to build a Blood donation chair using a plasma cutter.

Better view of a plasma cutter

The widely used plasma cutting technique is taking huge leaps nowadays. The process involves a plasma cutter, which is, understandably dangerous to use but can easily cut 80mm of metal. A laser cutter is supposed to achieve the cutting of 25mm only. The cutter works through employing ionizing gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon etc. thus creating heat enough to cut through metal. A better view of plasma cutter can be observed if we understand how it’s used. The plasma cutter is an extremely versatile tool and can work rapidly, at a speed of 20 meters per minute. The air pressure is released through a constricted nozzle, which emits around 60 psi. The question that why a blood donation chair, should be made through a plasma cutter is very easy. The cutter can give easy curves to the chair; hence enabling the donor to comfortably set his/her body without any slips as it is quite common for them to faint during the process.

How to build a blood donation chair using plasma cutter:

You will need metal sheets for the body and chair legs (thickness not more than 80 mm), plasma cutter, and measuring tape. The sheets and clamps can be purchased online, as well from Allegro (A Polish E-bay), for safety precautions; approved safety glasses and gloves are a must.

Before you begin, you need a design to incorporate your plan. Use popular software to plan your chair design. Some famous software you can use are; CAD PRO furniture, Sketch list 3D or Sketch-up. Once you are successful in completing the layout of your plan you can proceed further. Take measurements of the chair body and legs and power your plasma cutter. The plasma cutter will allow you to strike through the metal sheets in the curves and straight lines easily. The donor chair is supposed to be made in a curve, which will allow the body to rest in an upright and relaxed position.

Therefore, the frame of this chair should be made first. Apply the plasma cutter to first strike out the frame by giving a side curve on the sheet and then opt for the legs to hold the chair.

Once done with the help of plasma cutter settle a metal sheet in the same curve form and adjust it in the frame. Attach the legs to support the chair stand on its own. For comfort, adjust cushions on the chair, which will allow the blood donor to rest his/her body. Finally, attach hooks if you need to hold bottles or accessories are needed.

Various Industries using a plasma cutter

Plasma cutters are widely used in various industries including metal arts, to form beautiful shapes. It is primarily used, in Construction and automobile industry, shipbuilding and across a broad spectrum for other specialized industries. The plasma cutter also makes its way for furniture in the medical sector and is applied for household use as well. It is a specialized piece of equipment; therefore necessary precautions should be taken before using it.