Our Team

Our Journey

Our journey to where we are today started in 1994. Our founder Randall K. Weston, a doctor working with foreign charities across several developing nations observed the reluctance of locals to donate blood. On further questioning, he realized that the unwillingness of people to donate blood stemmed from the fact that most people had unusual misconceptions about blood and blood donation.

On his return to the country in the early 2000s, he found out many citizens of the developed were also not sufficiently educated about blood donation. With an increasing demand for blood and relatively inadequate supply, it dawned on Dr. Weston that more people would donate blood if they were more enlightened about it.

In partnership with a group of doctor friends, Dr. Weston started the nonprofit Blood Donors of New York. Their mission was to recruit and train an enlightened army of blood donors who will always be on hand to ensure blood and blood components are always available when needed by patients in the New York Penn area.

The relative success of the project led Dr. Weston to consider working with blood donation centers in other parts of New York. With the financial, material, and moral support of committed individuals and organizations, we have teamed up with 23 such centers in New York. Our team of volunteers organizes workshops and seminars where participants are encouraged to donate blood. They also receive correct reorientation about blood donation misconceptions they may hold.

Donatebloodnow.org was created to give an online voice to what we do and to further spread our reach.

Mission Statement

To enhance the health and well-being of members of our community by sensitizing people on the importance of blood donation. We connect donors to recipients daily. We also want to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge through stem cell research.

Vision Statement

To create an enlightened community of individuals who understand the need and importance of blood donations. We also want to get donated blood to patients who need it most wherever and whenever they require it. Finally, to contribute meaningfully to the existing body of scientific knowledge in the area of stem cell research.

Our Services

At donatebloodnow.org, we organize workshops, seminars, and other enlightenment campaigns to educate members of our communities on blood and blood donation. We are also aggressive about dispelling the myths associated with blood donation.

Richard K. Weston

President & Chief Executive Officer

Elizabeth J. Paris

Chairperson, Board of Trustees

Adam Robert

Executive Vice President

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Blood donation is perfectly safe. The instruments used for drawing blood are sterile and used only once.

Apheresis is the process of removing specific blood components like red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, or plasma (liquid part of the blood). The remaining components are then reintroduced back into the bloodstream of the donor.

Most medications will not prevent you from donating blood. However, you must consult your prescriber to ensure you are healthy enough to donate. Our medical staff at donateboodnow.org will answer any question you have about eligibility. Don’t assume you are ineligible without asking questions.

Yes. The FDA requires that blood donors be asked questions about their medical and screening history every time.

No. Blood centers in the US do not pay for donation. Our centers rely on altruistic, volunteer, donors for blood.

Type O Negative is the universal donor. They can donate blood to every other blood type. AB positive is the universal recipient and can receive blood from every other blood type.