Tips On How To Assemble A Welded Bed For Blood Donation

“Donate blood to save a life” this is a common phrase designed by health experts to create awareness on the need to donate blood. There are many activation’s in a bid to collect more blood for the blood bank. What you need to know is that there is a special bed for the donor. It is at the right height and has specific features to enhance this sensitive function. Blood donation activation is mobile clinics designed to collect blood even yin the remote of places. You now need a bed that you can assemble and dismantle with ease.

The main steps in assembling the bed include
  • Put the legs on parallel sides
  • Fix the wheel or feet on each of the leg frames
  • Fix the side arms in line with the marks to make sure you have the position in the correct location
  • Joint the legs and the side arms tightly using the metal bolts
  • In case there is a center beam then it is the time to set it in the right place.
  • Place the protective caps
  • Tighten the joints to prevent a line of weakness.
  • Adjust the upper side of the bed and the height based on your clients
  • Fix the cheater lenses for welding hoods lens for welding helmets

Breakages, wear, and tear is inevitable in these exercises. Although some could be avoided by following the following tips; it is upon the individual to exercise extra care when handling this welded bed.

Follow assemblage instructions

Manufacturers of the bed have the technical know how on what to expect when dismantling the bed. However, they may not be present in the activation’s. That is the purpose of a manual to accompany the equipment. You may have your own knowledge but when it comes to this bed then just do as expected. The pictorial presentations that accompany the manual comes in handy for you.

Avoid hipping stuff on the bed

Depending on the type of metal used for the bed; a welder may opt to use a lightweight metal to minimize bulkiness. Heavyweight will bend the part it is in contact with which further weakens the bed.

Tighten the joints

When you leave the room when tightening the bolts then you create a line of weakness. Have you got a bed that when you even sit of it, it makes funny noises? This is the result of poor assemblage.

Adjust it to the right height

A welded bed for a blood donor has the upper side a little raised than the lower part. You need to use the adjustments knob rather than manually adjust it to enhance its life span.

Label the jointed parts

There is a reason a specific part was welded to fit the rest. In this case, the best way to maintain the positions is also to use a marker to label the areas. This is useful even if you are not the one personally handling the bed. They will follow instructions to enhance the durability of the bed.

This is just a simple bed with no extra features but with cheater lens for welding helmets as part of the accessories then you fix them after you have completed the assemblage.