Why Soldiers Should Consider Donating Blood?

Humanity calls upon us to lend a helping hand for a neighbor who might be in need. Through selfless acts such as donating blood, it shows just how human we are. It is important to give aid unconditionally, and regardless of the circumstances involved, not to expect anything in return. Most of the times, blood donation is done when there is an emergency but this should not be the case. Through proper planning and raising the awareness, blood can be donated through blood drives and stored in blood center reserves which can be used when the need arises. This not only saves time but lives too.

According to statistics, every two seconds someone needs blood out there. Hence, when you donate blood you save a life of an individual who needs a transfusion and in most cases, it is viewed that the act of donation majorly assists the recipient. Blood donation is known to have many health benefits and it is imperative to note that it not only benefits the recipient but the donor too. Regularly donating blood is recommended to all be it for civilians or soldiers. But in this case, we will be looking at why soldiers should donate blood and the many benefits that come with it in their demanding occupation.

The many perks that come with soldiers donating blood may include,
1. Improving blood flow and physical health.
Sometimes, the blood might be too thick to flow properly through the blood vessels and this might pose a health risk for you As we know, soldiers are always involved in a lot of physical activities which require their bodies to be performing at a high peak. Repeatedly donating blood stimulates the blood to flow freely, and this helps soldiers undertake their drills effectively while avoiding any fatal problems in the field.

2. Lowering the risk of heart diseases.
When you donate blood, it is scientifically proven that the cholesterol levels are lowered. enabling the blood to move freely and reducing the possibility of artery damage. This allows it to regenerate aiding the body to function properly and making you look healthier. This will significantly help soldiers who are involved in skills such as target shooting because this requires the body and mind to be as calm as possible.

3. Getting a mini-checkups.
Frequently donating blood allows a soldier to get mini medical check-ups. Before donating, one has to go through several physical checkups which include, the blood pressure, temperature, weight and hemoglobin levels. In case one has a condition, it can be detected early before getting into the field for military drills and this can come a long way in helping soldiers stay at their peak.

4. Enabling wounds to heal fast.
When you donate blood, the body replenishes it after a certain duration of time. This allows it to generate new blood cells all around your body even in areas with an injury. These new cells will help your body heal wounds faster. When soldiers are doing their military drills, they are prone to injuries and quick recovery time is required for them so as to go back to their training. Soldiers are very prone to having wounds but at least by donating blood, it can make them feel not worried any more because donating blood can make their wounds heal faster.

There are many benefits involved in blood donation. When it comes to soldiers, it is a practicality on how important it is for them to donate blood. It facilitates their well being and training too. Hence, these are just but a few reasons why they should consider donating blood.