Why Soldiers Should Consider Donating Blood?

Humanity calls upon us to lend a helping hand for a neighbor who might be in need. Through selfless acts such as donating blood, it shows just how human we are. It is important to give aid unconditionally, and regardless of the circumstances involved, not to expect anything in return. Most of the times, blood donation is done when there is an emergency but this should not be the case. Through proper planning and raising the awareness, blood can be donated through blood drives and stored in blood center reserves which can be used when the need arises. This not only saves time but lives too.

According to statistics, every two seconds someone needs blood out there. Hence, when you donate blood you save a life of an individual who needs a transfusion and in most cases, it is viewed that the act of donation majorly assists the recipient. Blood donation is known to have many health benefits and it is imperative to note that it not only benefits the recipient but the donor too. Regularly donating blood is recommended to all be it for civilians or soldiers. But in this case, we will be looking at why soldiers should donate blood and the many benefits that come with it in their demanding occupation.

The many perks that come with soldiers donating blood may include,
1. Improving blood flow and physical health.
Sometimes, the blood might be too thick to flow properly through the blood vessels and this might pose a health risk for you As we know, soldiers are always involved in a lot of physical activities which require their bodies to be performing at a high peak. Repeatedly donating blood stimulates the blood to flow freely, and this helps soldiers undertake their drills effectively while avoiding any fatal problems in the field.

2. Lowering the risk of heart diseases.
When you donate blood, it is scientifically proven that the cholesterol levels are lowered. enabling the blood to move freely and reducing the possibility of artery damage. This allows it to regenerate aiding the body to function properly and making you look healthier. This will significantly help soldiers who are involved in skills such as target shooting because this requires the body and mind to be as calm as possible.

3. Getting a mini-checkups.
Frequently donating blood allows a soldier to get mini medical check-ups. Before donating, one has to go through several physical checkups which include, the blood pressure, temperature, weight and hemoglobin levels. In case one has a condition, it can be detected early before getting into the field for military drills and this can come a long way in helping soldiers stay at their peak.

4. Enabling wounds to heal fast.
When you donate blood, the body replenishes it after a certain duration of time. This allows it to generate new blood cells all around your body even in areas with an injury. These new cells will help your body heal wounds faster. When soldiers are doing their military drills, they are prone to injuries and quick recovery time is required for them so as to go back to their training. Soldiers are very prone to having wounds but at least by donating blood, it can make them feel not worried any more because donating blood can make their wounds heal faster.

There are many benefits involved in blood donation. When it comes to soldiers, it is a practicality on how important it is for them to donate blood. It facilitates their well being and training too. Hence, these are just but a few reasons why they should consider donating blood.

Improve Blood Flow with the Use of A Water Heater 

Accessing warm or hot water is difficult without the availability of water heaters. Clean hot water is beneficial for domestic purposes and more so, to the human body. Among its immense benefits is improving blood flow in the body.

Thermotherapy is an ancient practice that is common even today. This was done through a hot water bottle, warm pads or hot cloths in the olden days.

Due to advancement in technology, water heaters have taken a new course in ensuring that thermotherapy is more effective and safer to one’s health.   You could be wondering how water heaters improve blood flow in the body. This is to build quality heater review and get deeper into modernity and its benefits. When water heated by a water heater is in contact with the body, there is a rapid flow of blood from the heart to all the parts of the body, and this allows movement of nutrients, proteins, and oxygen.

Heat is therapeutic and decreases stiffness in the joints and muscle as a result relieving pain. Collagen tissues extensibilities are highly increased, and inflammation is significantly reduced. The healing process of the body is quickened due to increased blood flow that is triggered by hot water from a water heater. Water heaters increase blood flow in the body through vasodilation which is the widening of blood vessels.

The metabolic rate increases and the heat from the hot water will increase the uptake of oxygen that is necessary for most normal body functions.   Taking a shower with hot water from a water heater is more effective than using cold water. The fact that it increases blood circulation acts as a way of countering conditions like edema and arthritis. As you know, curing such conditions is costly and takes a long time. Why not take necessary preventive measures?   Increased blood flow promotes the growth of functional cells in the body and ensures maximum organ function. Most of the individuals who take warm or hot showers tend to be fully active and energetic throughout the day and can do more tasks. Blood flow to the skin helps it fight against bacteria that are likely to cause infections and diseases.

Heat from the hot water makes the heart pump blood at full force for it to be transported to all parts of the body. This results in a drop in the heart rate that leads the heart muscles to relax making your blood pressure flow smoothly and evenly. In short, the chances of having high blood pressure are significantly reduced if hot water baths and soaking sessions will be part of your routine.

Persons who have diabetes are likely to develop diabetes-related complications because of reduced blood circulation in the feet and legs. For those who cannot exercise, it is advisable to soak your feet in hot water to minimize these risks. The action of hot water on your feet works almost instantly as blood flow in the body increases. Hot water use activates the brain leaving you alert always.

A fighting chance

“Heroes come in many different ways,” says Frances Roth of Rochester. “My family’s hero is the blood donor who saved my granddaughter’s life in November 2006. That blood donor changed the course of our lives.”

On the night of November 17, 2006, Frances’ daughter-in-law, Farrah, received a call from the family pediatrician, telling her to bring Isabella, then age three, to Strong Memorial Hospital’s pediatric emergency department at once. Isabella had seen the doctor earlier that day because of Farrah’s concern for her daughter’s poor color and lethargy. Her doctor did blood tests on Isabella and saw that her blood level was extremely low. At Strong emergency that night, her parents were told that Isabella had leukemia and an immediate transfusion was required to save her life.

“We were totally blindsided; we just thought she was anemic,” said Frances. “If Isabella had not received a transfusion that night, she would not be here. Thanks to an anonymous donor (our) granddaughter survived that night. Whoever that blood donor is, we can never say thank you enough. (He or she) saved our Isabella,” she added.

Isabella’s stay in the hospital was seven weeks long, during which she received many more blood transfusions. Although she is now home, she continues to receive chemotherapy treatments. Her treatments are scheduled to last through 2009. According to Frances, Isabella is doing well and is responding to treatments but she still has a long fight ahead of her. “It’s been a long road,” said Frances. “But if it were not for a generous blood donor, we would not have Isabella in our lives. Blood donors are heroes because their donations can help save lives. To all of them, we say thank you. You can give no better gift.”

We Depend on You

No matter what the time of year, the American Red Cross Blood Services, New York-Penn Region depends on committed donors to give the “gift of life” to help ensure that quality blood products and services are always available when and where they are needed by hospital patients. Here are some facts: • One unit of blood can help save the lives of up to three people • In the United States, a blood transfusion is needed almost every two seconds • Only approximately five percent of the eligible population in the United States donates blood • Almost 60 percent of the population is eligible to donate blood The Red Cross needs donors to keep giving blood during all times of the year if it is to continue meeting patients’ need for blood: transfusions for trauma victims who have experienced accidents or burns; patients undergoing heart surgery or organ transplants; and patients receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer and other diseases. While it can be difficult to brave the elements during these winter months, we ask you to continue to make and keep your appointments. Your donation will help ensure that blood is available for those many patients who require this life-saving gift. It only takes about an hour of your time to help someone in need and you will leave with a great feeling in knowing that you may have helped save up to three lives. Please call 1-800-GIVE LIFE or visit DonateBloodNow.org/DonateBlood/ now to make an appointment. Lives depend on it…. perhaps even your own. On behalf of all our patients, we thank you for your continued support of the American Red Cross.