We Understand the importance of blood donation

We are a nonprofit committed to ensuring that members of our community understand the importance of blood donation. We also strive to dispel the myths associated with blood donation. 

Mission Statement

To enhance the health and well-being of members of our community by sensitizing people on the importance of blood donation. We connect donors to recipients daily. We also want to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge through stem cell research.

Vision Statement

To create an enlightened community of individuals who understand the need and importance of blood donations. We also want to get donated blood to patients who need it most wherever and whenever they require it. 

Our Services

At donatebloodnow.org, we organize workshops, seminars, and other enlightenment campaigns to educate members of our communities on blood and blood donation. We are also aggressive about dispelling the myths associated with blood donation.

We also strive to dispel the myths associated with blood donation. We work with 23 blood centers in New York. Our services include collecting, testing, processing, storing, and distributing blood and blood components.

Every pint of blood matters to us. The blood we receive is life-saving for the recipients and life-changing for the donors. We try to make sure that the blood we receive serves the community it came from. So when you donate blood, chances are you will be saving the life of someone in your neighborhood. In times of emergency, we may share blood with other states.

Someone in the United States needs blood every two seconds. We try to maintain a regular supply of every blood type, to ensure blood is always available to everyone who needs it. There is a critical need for every blood type. You can join us in saving lives by becoming a donor today.

Our History

Our journey to where we are today started in 1994. Our founder Randall K. Weston, a doctor working with foreign charities across several developing nations observed the reluctance of locals to donate blood. On further questioning, he realized that the unwillingness of people to donate blood stemmed from the fact that most people had unusual misconceptions about blood and blood donation.

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